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  1. Handmade Balgowan Merchandise

Handmade Balgowan Merchandise - View more information »

 07/07/2021 (Wed)  13:30

 Sales end in on 31/07/2026 at 21:00

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PTA General Donations - View more information »

 26/04/2023 (Wed)  20:59

 Sales end in on 26/04/2025 at 00:00

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PTA General Donation (amend the amount yourself)
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Unfortunately we don’t have any future events planned at the moment.

Your Committee
  • Tina Holderried

    Tina Holderried

  • Michelle  Phillips

    Michelle Phillips
    (Teaching Staff)

  • Lizzie Bradbury

    Lizzie Bradbury

  • Mark Fisher

    Mark Fisher

  • Emily Domaingue

    Emily Domaingue

  • Layla Bennett

    Layla Bennett
    (Communications Officer)

  • Jane Dixon

    Jane Dixon
    (Event Coordinator)

  • Katia Coletto

    Katia Coletto
    (Nearly New Uniform)

  • Marie Bultitude

    Marie Bultitude

  • Emma  Cray

    Emma Cray

  • Emma Dodd

    Emma Dodd

  • Marie-Clotilde GANDY

    Marie-Clotilde GANDY

  • Cath Guinard

    Cath Guinard

  • Katie Hulland

    Katie Hulland

  • Prema  Nair

    Prema Nair

  • Meg Newman

    Meg Newman

  • Kalpdrum Raval

    Kalpdrum Raval

  • Sarah Reimers

    Sarah Reimers

  • Caroline Sheppard

    Caroline Sheppard

  • Maria  Villar

    Maria Villar

Can you help?

There are currently no tasks to volunteer for


The school have asked us to fund the installation of the new Tech Lab in the spare classroom. This will take place over Summer 2023. We haven't raised all the money yet, but are well on the way!

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